Living & Dining Room

A one-of-a-kind dining room should provoke intrigue and lead to conversation among guests. Whether it’s through striking artwork, colors, or furnishings, it’s important to craft a unique space that reflects the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner, while also ensuring the space is well designed.

Before designing a space, it’s important to understand the function that it will serve. Will the space be used for formal dinner parties or casual gatherings? How much seating is required? Should the space promote intimate conversations or large group conversations? Does the space need to serve or store formal dinnerware?

During a social gathering, much of a guest’s time is spent in the dining room. A well-designed dining room should encourage conversation among guests, which means the space shouldn’t be too noisy or in sight of many distractions. Particularly in an open-concept home, it can be challenging to ensure a private and intimate setting without sacrificing style.

When the dining table is the focal point of the space, guests will feel more compelled to take a seat and communicate with one another. Once the table is situated, arrange all other furnishings and accessories so that they complement this focal point.

Design a space that draws intrigue and promotes conversation among guests, whether it’s with unique artwork, bold wallpaper, or custom furnishings. The color palette, artwork, or accessories in a space can reveal information about the homeowner, giving guests a more personalized dining experience.

Unique colors and textures completely transform a space, and a great place to experiment is on the walls—whether with a bold paint or textured wall covering.

Beautiful lighting fixtures can turn a typical dining room into an extraordinary one.

Mix and match furnishings, lighting, or artwork to give your space a creative style.

Create a Dining room which is totally transportive and magical, as the fantastical landscape creates deep space and a wonderful backdrop for diners.