Bedroom & Extra

Take your bedroom from blah to beautiful.

Color Is Key

It’s no surprise that our designers start by choosing a color for the bedroom. Decide on the mood or tone you want to set in the bedroom, then choose a color that reflects that feeling.

Light It Right

While it’s mostly lights out in the bedroom, it’s still critical for other things you do in the space besides sleep. Interior designers take lighting the bedroom seriously, and all agree that most people overlook the importance of how much style light fixtures can bring into the bedroom. Instead of generic ceiling lights, personalize a bedroom with a chandelier or bedside lamps with character.

Texture Equals Cozy

Another decorating element that’s often ignored is the addition of texture. Bringing texture into the bedroom adds a layer of opulence and comfort.

Clear the Clutter

Decorators agree that clutter quashes a relaxing or romantic vibe. An uncluttered room helps you instantly feel calmer when walking into a bedroom. We urge clients to reduce clutter that naturally finds its way onto bedroom furniture.

Little Things Count

Interior designers are notorious for keeping a few secret decorating tricks up their sleeves. Along the way, our designers have learned how adding little touches go a long way in a bedroom.

Finally, we suggest using fresh scents to change the room’s mood. Besides candles and air fresheners, there are other ways to make your bedroom smell delicious. For example, make your own natural air freshener by mixing in a small spray bottle a cup of distilled water, a few tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and about two dozen drops of your favorite essential oil. Spritz the mixture into the air, or even a light amount on your mattress and sheets.