Despite being the smallest rooms of houses, bathrooms have always been one of the most challenging and critical to design, which often left them fairly simplified. The past few years, however, saw these spaces undergo significant change; what was once only limited to functionality, ease of maintenance, and privacy, is now being given a strong character with pops of color, classic fixtures, and patterned surfaces. Similarly for public bathrooms, where “functionality” and “ease of maintenance” are now complimented with aesthetics, technology, and high quality finishing.

As cities become denser and the pandemic continues to shape living and working patterns, people have become well aware that the space they inhabit greatly influences their physical and mental well-being. As a result, the interior design of homes has focused on promoting sensitivity, comfort and calmness as a way of escaping the uncertain outside world. As a safe space where we practically start and end each day, the modern bathroom has also adapted accordingly, taking on a key role as an environment dedicated to relaxation and self-care. Hence, what used to be a purely functional zone is now perceived as an energizing personal retreat and flexible living space that can even adopt other functions – from a gym to a private spa.

Although they are an integral and necessary space in residential architecture, the wide variety of design opportunities for bathrooms has often remained overlooked in favor of practicality. Historically programmed for privacy, the contemporary bathroom has been re-imagined for a greater sense of openness and comfort – finding a delicate balance between privacy and exposure is facilitated by design objects such as the tub.

Even though white minimalism remains the norm, retro trends are making a serious comeback in modern bathroom designs, with homeowners incorporating pops of color, classic fixtures, and patterned surfaces. Despite often being static and traditional spaces in homes, bathrooms have certainly undergone significant transformations throughout the years.

Bold retro enhancements are reviving and blending in with contemporary elements to create elegant, yet lively atmospheres with a strong character.

Today, bathroom and sanitary ware design is witnessing a concerted move away from the mild-mannered minimalism and washed-out pastel accents of the turn of the millennium. Bathrooms increasingly feature either bolder colors or more pronounced textures and patterns, and these are found in ceramics as well as fixtures and accessories, providing a more layered, multi-sensory experience.

Customised bathrooms are a basic requirement these days for every house, apartment and hotel room. In addition to personal hygiene, bathrooms also have an important function at the emotional level when it comes to taking time out, indulging and relaxing.